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  • hickorysetWhat should I wear?
    Dressing up is not compulsory! However, if you have "plus fours", a flat cap, an Argyle Jumper and socks you will really look the part!  Even if you do not have "plus fours", trousers tucked inside long socks is just fine.
  • What Golf Balls should we use?
    We ask you to use soft balls such as the Srixon Soft or the Callaway SuperSoft as they are kinder to the clubs and are perfect for the slower swing needed for Hickory Golf. ProV1 balls are far too hard!
  • Can you cater for left handed golfers?
    Yes, we have eight left handed sets.
  • What happens if a shaft breaks when playing, or the head comes off a wood?
    This does occasionally happen, however breakages are at our risk. Remember these clubs were made many years ago by professional clubmakers and are remarkably strong. Many of the clubs have been re-shafted in their restoration. In the event of a club breaking, all we ask you to do is to bring back both parts of the club as the head can be re-shafted, and the grip reused.
  • What Insurance Cover do you provide?
    We are fully covered as a Business with Public Liability and Product Liability Insurance. All players participating do so at their own risk, and it is the personal responsibility of each golfer to ensure that they have their own specialist Golf Insurance to cover accidental damage to themselves or others whilst playing.
  • Where do South of England Hickory Golf operate?
    Whilst we are based in Kent, we are happy to provide our services throughout the Country. However additional charges may be payable for events taking place over 100 miles from Sevenoaks.
  • How can I book an Event?
    You can contact us by telephone, or by email to discuss your requirements. We will then send confirmation of your requirements for your signature and return together with a copy of our Terms and Conditions. When you return the confirmation we will ask you for a deposit (details of which are set out in our Terms and Conditions) – the balance of the event is payable on the day.
  • Do you sell Hickory Clubs and Replica Golf Bags?
     We have restored clubs for sale as well as golf bags.    From time to time, clubs for sale are shown on this website under "clubs for sale" - however if you are looking for a specific club, please contact us. Please contact us with your requirements.

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